About AEC

“The nation is looking toward Texas, and Texas is looking toward Austin, for leadership regarding public policy initiatives of the day.”

mission statement

“Discuss & encourage the general diffusion of free-market principles to the Austin Business Community, as well as to the public of Texas at large.”

The Austin Economic Club (AEC) is a non-profit resource to aid Texas businessmen & women as well as professional & political leaders who seek information and answers to today’s business policy concerns.

AEC features nationally known business or political leaders capable of fostering debate on today’s world, national and state concerns.

As reflected in our Mission Statement, it is our hope and desire that AEC assist policymakers of Texas to cultivate pro-growth economic discussion and further the formation of solutions to today’s most concerning matters.


To purchase tickets, CLICK HERE, or the Event Brite button to the right.

If you would like to recommend a specific C Level Executive, Ambassador, Congressman / women, Governor, Dignitary, Talk Show Host, Author or National News Personality, please contact us at 512-659-8878 or contact Jim@AustinEconomicClub.com.



Advisory Board

  Austin Economic Club’s Founding Advisory Board: Jenny Aghamalian, Humana David D. Anderson, HillCo Partners Ben Bentzin, Boxcar Holdings Inc. & UT Lecturer, former CEO at WCIT, Inc. Jim Cardle, AEC co-founder & President Jeff Clark, The Wind Coalition Thomas A. Clarke Robert Flores, Flores Public Relations. & Govt. Affairs Wayne T. Franke, AEC co-founder & …

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