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Advisory Board


Austin Economic Club’s Founding Advisory Board:

  • Jenny Aghamalian, Humana
  • David D. Anderson, HillCo Partners
  • Ben Bentzin, Boxcar Holdings Inc. & UT Lecturer, former CEO at WCIT, Inc.
  • Jim Cardle, AEC co-founder & President
  • Jeff Clark, The Wind Coalition
  • Thomas A. Clarke
  • Robert Flores, Flores Public Relations. & Govt. Affairs
  • Wayne T. Franke, AEC co-founder & V. Pres., MJWT Consulting
  • Joe Gardner, Joseph E. Gardner, CPA
  • Hon. Clint Hackney, Hackney & Assoc’s, former Member, Texas House of Representatives
  • Hon. Bill Hammond, Texas Association of Business (TAB,) former Member, Texas House of Representatives
  • Virginia Hermosa, The Hermosa Law Firm, Texas Facilities Commission Commissioner
  • Robert Howden, Texans for Economic Progress
  • R. Mike Isley, Texans for Isreal
  • Bill Jones, Jones Firm Law, former Texas A&M Board of Regents Chair
  • Mike Kennedy, Commercial Texas
  • Hon. Cyndi Taylor Krier, former Bexar County (San Antonio) Judge & Texas State Senator
  • Jim Lyde, former Exec. Dir., Texas Municipal Police Assoc.
  • Chuck McDonald, McDonald Public Relations
  • Todd Morgan, Morgan Capitol Consulting
  • Bill Noble, Noble Strategic Partners
  • Jeff Norwood, Anthem Media, former Judge in Midland County, Texas
  • Kraege Polan, Polan-Culley, Inc.
  • Frank M. Reilly, Potts & Reilly LLP, former Mayor, City of Granite Shoals, Texas
  • Gil Rodriguez, Texas G.I. Forum
  • Rick Salwen
  • Ray Sullivan, Sullivan Public Affairs
  • Glenn West, AEC co-founder & V. Pres., former Exec. Dir. of the Austin Chamber of Commerce, and Make-A-Wish Foundation
  • Hon. Arlene Wohlgemuth, former Member, Texas House of Representatives


In Memoriam

  • David Chan, former chairman of Texas-Asian Camber of Commerce
  • Hon. Billy Clayton, former Speaker, Texas House of Representatives
  • Hon. Dick Waterfield, former Member, Texas House of Representatives
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